Autonomous Vehicles

In the State Senate, I’ve been at the forefront of efforts to expand autonomous vehicles, authoring a new law that will help provide safer transportation, better mobility and a stronger economy.  My legislation will expand research and testing so that we can get autonomous vehicles to market quickly and safely.  Advances in technology will allow Michigan’s auto industry to lead the world, creating more jobs for our workers.  In Congress, I will form an Autonomous Vehicle Caucus, bringing together fellow policy-makers interested in driving this important part of our future economy.

Foreign Policy

I support a strong U.S. foreign policy that stands with our allies, holds rogue nations accountable, and aggressively combats terrorism.  I will stand with Israel – one of our most steadfast allies – and defend them from threats in the region.  I will hold Iran, North Korea, and Syria accountable and support sanctions where necessary.  And I will support efforts to curb Chinese and Russian economic expansion throughout the globe.  A strong foreign policy must be backed by a strong military and I will make sure our Armed Forces have the resources they need to remain the most powerful fighting force in the world. 


A nation that doesn’t defend its borders is not sovereign.  We simply must enforce federal immigration laws if we care about our national security.  In addition to preventing against increased risks of terrorism, strong borders defend against human and drug trafficking, which is ravaging families and communities throughout the country.  

In the State Senate, I authored legislation prohibiting local government from enacting or enforcing so-called “Sanctuary City” laws.  Sanctuary cities prevent law enforcement and other government agencies from notifying federal authorities of a person’s immigration status and is a direct subversion of federal law.  My bill would prohibit any state funding or other resources from going to sanctuary cities.

Military and Our Veterans

The men and women who put their lives at risk to protect our freedoms deserve more than our gratitude – they deserve loyalty and support.  That doesn’t end when they take off the uniform and reenter civilian life, that remains our vow.  For the last three years, I’ve traveled the state to present nearly 10,000 Vietnam veterans with service pins recognizing their valor and their sacrifice and commemorating the 50th Anniversary.  In 2017, the VFW named me their “Michigan Legislator of the Year,” and in 2016, the Vietnam Veterans for American awarded me their “Certificate of Appreciation.   As a member of Congress, I will make sure we rebuild our military, support our troops with the best equipment available, and provide for their health and welfare when they return.


Michigan taxpayers will save millions from Republican Tax Reform.  In the 11th District alone, the average middle class family of four will save $4,111 a year in taxes.  As a result, businesses across the country have given bonuses to their employees, including General Motors, which gave every hourly worker a $11,750 bonus.  Reforming our tax code is key to growing our economy and creating new jobs and as a member of Congress, I will fight to make the tax cuts permanent and other ways to ease the tax burden.  I will also push the end the Death Tax, which double-taxes our family farmers and businesses.

Terrorism and Homeland Security

The #1 job of government is to keep us safe and that means protect our homeland from terrorism – foreign and domestic.  We rely on our Armed Forces to protect us in times of war, but over the last 17 years, we’ve called on them to do much more as we fight an international War on Terror.  In Congress, I will work with our intelligence agencies to make sure they have cutting age technologies that will help stop terror before it occurs, and with our first responders and public safety personnel so that they have the tools they need if tragedy occurs.