Former candidate Kristine Bonds endorses Mike Kowall for Congress.

(Novi, MI) Today, former Republican congressional candidate Kristine Bonds announced her endorsement of Senator Mike Kowall in the 11th District congressional race. Bonds and Kowall issued the following statements.

“I had two deal-breaker issues for my campaign for Congress,” said Bonds.  “1) Opioids will kill more young adults in 2018 than all of Vietnam. Senator Kowall has moved at the speed of Trump to get us appropriating Michigan’s $77 million opioid budget.  2) Southeast Michigan’s future is tied to automotive market share and most growth will come from safer, zero-blindside automated cars.  Mike has already led the way in his successful efforts landing the proving grounds at Willow Run right here in Michigan.  This is what qualifies him to be our congressmen and makes him the best and ONLY choice for us here in Southeast Michigan. The purpose of a primary election is to find the best candidate. Mike Kowall is that candidate and I call on all our Republican leaders to support him for the 11th Congressional District.”

“Mike gets it, has acted on it, which is why I back him with tremendous enthusiasm,” continued Bonds.

“Ms. Bonds’s support of this campaign will allow us to continue bringing together the best team possible for winning the election in November,” said Kowall. “Kristine brings a wealth of knowledge to the table as a business leader in the community and will be a powerful voice in the fight against the opioid crisis.”